New FEMA Camp Bill Resurfaces!

Don’t believe in FEMA camps?  Here is a mainstream report from RT talking about FEMA emergencies.  Those crazy conspiracy theorists making up them fictional FEMA Camps!  They locked up the Japanese in WWII.  They will lock you up and dispose of the folks who can’t be reeducated in the New World Order at Camp FEMA.  Once your in that’s it!   Organized extermination brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Freemasons!  Don’t believe me go and look up the 2012 Olympic Ceremonies where the men with top hats like the monopoly guy dance around together as people are put in holding pens, also known as FEMA CAMPS!  Wake Up!


  1. I guess there will always be those who deny these things,basically being content with the ostrich syndrome,that if ignored it will go away.I just happen to believe the Bible and know what is coming,but what bothers me is that the churches have become complacent waiting for the rapture which I feel sure the Christians in Egypt,Nigeria,Syria,and so forth would love to have happen NOW.

    • Amen, American Christians need to preach the gospel and pray for our Christian brothers and sisters suffering do to our governments evil policies which has led to the worst Christian persecution globally that I can remember.