NEW $100 Bill Shows Illuminati Witchcraft and Destruction of America! (Updated)

Those familiar with the founding of the United States know about the heavy Freemason influence involved in the creation of Washington, DC.  Washington DC is known as a Masonic city.  Google videos on Washington DC sorcery or pentagram and you will see that the Freemasons handiwork.  This leads me to this post.

American currency has an enormous amount of New World Order symbolism that is included on the dollar bill and every other bill.   Jonathan Kleck and others have noticed that by folding  American currency you see additional scenes.  These scenes show details of the destruction.  Past terrorist events such as the Oklahoma building and the 9/11 attacks are visible on our currency.  Future events are also shown on our currency.  The destruction of the Hoover Dam and New York City are future events.  This is what we will cover here in this video.

This video covers the new $100 dollar bill decryption.  It clearly shows a nuclear strike on the United States and represents the destruction of America and World War III.  In the world of witchcraft there seems to be some law where you need to notify people of the intention to cast a spell to gain a desired outcome.  If the people do nothing, their death it is on them because they have been warned.  So the Kabbalistic Freemason Satanists involved in the engraving of our currency have placed their magical intentions to destroy America and bring in the New World Order on our currency.  The Illuminai’s plans have been put in place by the demonic spirits which direct them to do these things.

Current events show that we do not have long to wait until this coming destruction.  Just look at the evacuation of the Lake Mead area and you will see that that is associated with the Hoover Dam.  Get right with God.  Repent, confess your sins and put complete trust in Jesus Christ as the Lord of your life.  Evil is being unleashed globally.  The DAY OF THE LORD is very near!


This is how the new $100 Dollar bill should really look for all of us who have been duped by a Satanic world system.



10/21/13 Update to the $100 Dollar Bill Video



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  3. Hi, my name is Kareim Nurdeen I live in Camden NJ. I believe deeply in the illumination of the United States. Every great nation shall fall, this one too shall fall and come to pass. I contemplate every day about life as well as the signs around us. I know that truth will prevail and their is nothing no one can do to stop this. May GOD protect us from the evil of the satanic world which we live in. GOD’S forgiveness is ever open, let us beg for HIS mercy as well as protection of HIS wrath if we donot get it together….. Kareim Nurdeen

  4. 1 Thessalonians 5:2
    For you know quite well that the day of the Lord’s return will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.

    Fear mongering idiots that run this sight think they know the bible but forecast the end.

    • “Fear mongering idiots that run this sight think they know the bible but forecast the end.”

      We forecast nothing we merely share information. No one here does “date setting”…me merely point out what is happening. You confuse fear mongering with keeping oneself informed. What has been decreed by God will be, but that does not mean we ought to stick our heads in the sand and ignore the world around us.
      If you were to research this stuff…there is a lot of evidence from many different resources that agree the Illuminati and what they do are real. One of the Rockefellers even admitted he is one of them!

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