Golden & Silver Gate Alignment 12/16/13. What Does It Mean? (Updated)

Tim Clark
By Tim Clark December 7, 2013 11:13

Golden & Silver Gate Alignment 12/16/13.   What Does It Mean? (Updated)

The suppression of knowledge by the global elites is well established.  Insiders involved in the excavation of Babylon have promoted the allegations that one of the primary reasons for the invasion of Iraq was to recover Ancient Alien technology and DNA material from Nimrod a Nephilim.  It seems that the Vatican library was made off limits during the Iraq war from 2007-2010 for renovations.  When it was reopened it required magnetic Beast Tech tracking system cards to be given to all visitors so the Vatican NSA could violate everyones freedom.  It would be interesting to know the whereabouts of Vatican officials and US military officials with the deployment of troops at the ancient city of Babylon and Nimrod’s, Osiris’s or Gilgamesh’s tomb. (ARTICLE ON GILGAMESH’S TOMB OR NIMROD)

What is interesting is that new evidence is leaking out this year from Revelation News about the ancient knowledge about wormhole or time travel portals opening with the alignment of the Golden and Silver Gates. (ARTICLE ON VATICAN COAT OF ARMS DECODED).

So there seems to be something associated with the spiritual realm with leaving and entering the 3 heavens.  Did Nimrod have such Nephilim knowledge and was he attempting to enter one of these portals with the building of The Tower of Babel?  Non-Christian research on Gilgamesh and space portal relationships (Kindle book Link on Annunaki & Gilgamesh)

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore and of course the main thing is to have your eternity firmly planted in the knowledge that Jesus Christ is your personal savior and only way to God.  We can face anything from the eternal safety that we have in Jesus Christ.  Without Christ these times would truly be terrifying!

Please reference my first article on 13/13/13



This show discusses the astronomical alignments of the Gates related to the massacre sites occurring at Sandy Hook and other locations.

Latest update on 12/16/13 alignment with world leaders gathered in South Africa for Nelson Mandela memorial.  How many creepy world leaders will attend the sun worshipping event in South Africa?

Tim Clark
By Tim Clark December 7, 2013 11:13
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  • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

    Don’t forget the portals of hell are opening up, as Gordon King recently told us.

    • twclark66

      Yes, It does seem that this is happening as the end times are being fulfilled. We pray for people to get saved and avoid God’s wrath. Thanks for the comment.