Fallen Angel Sighting Mexico Described By Eyewitness (Updated)

By twclark66 December 21, 2013 09:33

Fallen Angel Sighting Mexico Described By Eyewitness (Updated)

Many accounts of supernatural sightings are occurring around the globe.  This will not be reported on the Main Stream Media (MSM).  The casting out of the rebellious angels from the third heaven is depicted throughout art and in such Hollywood movies such as PROPHECY


The Illuminati believe that they are the offspring of these fallen angel Nephilim hybrids.  This is why they are so obsessed with the Pagan deities of ancient Greece and Rome.  Zeus and all the subservient deities were taken from ancient human history and described the world ruled in the pre-flood Atalantian world of hybrids with superpowers.

This video gives an eyewitness account from Mexico of a seeming fireball falling vertically down to earth and then not impacting the surface but transforming into a Black Winged Angel.  It is my contention that the spiritual doorways or portals have been opened since the Mayan calendar date of December 21, 2012 and the occult Satanists are awaiting the rise of The Angel of The Pit, Apollyon, releasing the demonic hordes upon humanity.  So the fallen angels are beginning to make themselves more visible to humanity.  Who knows what shape or form they will take in regards to this end time deception that is coming upon the earth.

Here is another Hollywood Commercial Ad depiction of Fallen Angels seducing men and casting down their halos signifying that they have left their first estate in heaven and are representative of the one third that are in rebellion against God.  Of course Angels are not depicted as women with wings in the Bible but this is the New Age depiction of Pagan angel myth images.

Are we witnessing the opening of the Gates To Hell?  The Apple I phone has even recently indicated opening and closing dates of “The Opening of Hades”.  Click the link below for my article on The Siri App.

The Gates Of Hell Are Opening (<<<<Click Link)

Jesse of BP Earthwatch put out a video discussing the original Gates of Hell described by Jesus in the Book of Matthew to his disciples.  The UN is monitoring this sight for the return of The Fallen Angels since this is the original landing sight of the 200 watcher angels described in the book of Enoch.

Believing that you are a sinner and unable to save yourself and that Jesus Christ is the Messiah and the only way to God The Father and eternal salvation is the only path to avoid spending an eternity in hell with Lucifer and his fallen angels.  It is your choice.

(UFO Footage added 12/30/13)

By twclark66 December 21, 2013 09:33
  • Don

    Thank you for the warnings . I just watched a video of a conference that Tom Horn was speaking at and he talked about Mt. Graham in Arizona that the Vatican has taken from the Apache Indians and set up the biggest telescopes in the world .
    Have you heard anything about this place ? The Apaches consider it sacred land and have lore of a porthole there to another world !?
    In Jesus’s holy name God Bless

    • twclark66

      Yes, David Flynn noted that Roswell New Mexico was directly on the opposite side of the planet from Mount Hermon where The 200 Enoch Watchers landed and took an oath to violate the daughters of men. Tom Horn is speaking about the Lucifer Telescope that the Vatican runs and which he discussed extensively in his book Exo-Vaticanus. Thanks for the comments.

      • Don

        Thank you for the reply . I just received the books Exo-Vaticanus and the new book Beast Tech yesterday . It came with the DVD of Tom Horn speaking about the Lucifer Telescope . I want to begin reading these book , BUT I’m reading thru my study Bible right now for the first time and don’t want to start reading any other books until I’m finished

        • twclark66

          The Bible is always the most important book to be reading. All others come second in my opinion.

          • mountainmoving5aith


          • Delaine

            Amen- Glory to God in the highest. I pray daily that God will keep me on the right path and don’t let me miss Heaven no matter what. I also agree that the most important book to be reading is The Bible.

  • http://carolynviera.wordpress.com Countermeasure4Christ

    The 3rd heaven is the realm of God and his holy angels and hosts. The 2nd heavens is where one of Satans realms are. The article states that the fallen angels are from the 3rd heavens. Just an FYI. Great information.

    • Frank

      You’re right they exist in the second heaven or did up until recently. Probably some of them are still there but a lot of them have been shaken to the earth. Originally they were in the 3rd heaven until they were thrown out of 3rd heaven with satan.

  • WILL

    While I do not subscribe to unbiblical information, what is amazing is it has been discovered that the actual Mayan calendar end date is Dec 16, 2013 NOT Dec 21, 2012. They incorrectly including year zero in the Gregorian calendar countdown.


    Also this date is the 13 Ahau Maximum Completion. All 13 Ahaus line up perfectly! The Long Count and the Tzolkin perfectly interlock and sync together. 13/13/13/13! While nothing may happen exactly on this date, it is an ominous sign of an imminent cataclysmic event to come. It won’t be the end of the world, only the end of the world as we knew it.

    • twclark66

      Yes, it is very interesting information. That is why we watch and remain vigilant for Christ’s return. Strange things are definitely going on these days. Thanks for the post.

  • Jimdandy1956jd

    Here is the link to the YouTube interview in Mexico.

  • Paul

    “The Illuminati believe that they are the offspring of these fallen angel Nephilim hybrids.”

    The Illuminati are mostly people with evil spirits of the Nephilim(demons) in them by the choice of that person.

    I say mostly because a new worse evil is coming into this world, demonic spirits are getting there own cloned bodies.

    The dark angels are what created the half breed human/angel demons and it seems even they are becoming more bold due to humanities choice for evil.

    Rapture is around 2029 expect this evil to grow stonger in presence till then.

    • twclark66

      I hope the rapture will be a lot sooner than that (lol). Things are already getting crazy enough and I don’t think we want to be here until 2029.

      • Frank

        tw, try 2014. If you’re counting on the “rapture” to save you from persecution then you’re just another one of those fake christians who will be offended when it comes time for you to shed blood on Jesus’ behalf.

        I think you’ll turn in other Christians, too. The real ones. LOL.

        • twclark66

          I would be careful about calling fellow Christians fake Christians. It is not really called for when discussing all things related to the tribulation period.

          • Suzanne

            Yes I agree. If any one says to his brother Raca, or you fool that man is in danger of hellfire.
            We must bind together with prayer and fast at this time.

  • Frank

    “The Illuminati believe that they are the offspring of these fallen angel Nephilim hybrids.”

    Well, their bodies might have been taken over by the Draco’s/demonic entities, who’s spirits wander the earth even since they were destroyed by God in the way back when. The whole point of what’s coming is that you can’t stop it. God will allow Satan to take off his mask and dance in the public square, as the Hopi’s say it.

    But the devil’s in the details and the details say that while satan reigns on earth for seven years he will be chained in darkness when Jesus returns, for a thousand years before he is thrown into the lake of fire. Don’t get thrown in there with him.

    Love not your lives to the death and you will receive a crown of glory from your Father in Heaven.

  • Terminatedamnation

    whats crazy about reading these articles is there locally where i live in mid west Michigan there was two sightings this past year. both very near lake Michigan. people called 911 both times saying they saw something that appeared to have wings crash into lake michigan and several days later another call came in saying something crashed into a part of Hamlin Lake, Near Ludington. Rescue crews were sent out but nothing was ever recovered. the eye witnesses described them as winged crafts like small hang gliders but were silent. both occurred in the. evening night time. pretty wild could they have been falling angels. and there is also a huge power plant outside Ludington. I find it weird that you see and hear of a lot of sightings of this sort all taking place near power plants. Or high voltage power lines. hmmm maybe a life source for the angels perhaps?

  • twclark66

    This is a general email that I sent out to those that are interested in this topic and want more information.

    There is no one general site that I am familiar about. Steve Quayle interviewed on the fallen angel video in this article is one good site and Tom Horn carries some of the same topics. Chuck Missler just finished a series on Angels and I am not sure what he has related to it. Rob Skiba is also good on nephilim and fallen angels. LA Marzuli gives great interviews on the topic and of course Gary Stearman of PITN had a personal encounter with a UFO.







    This should give you a good mix of Christian based exploration of Nephilim and Angel topics.

    • πίστις

      Thank you… I appreciate you taking the time to do this! :)

      • twclark66

        You are welcome! God Bless

  • Don

    Steve Quayle was interviewed on Alex Jones – Infowars show yesterday and it was one of the best shows Alex has ever had . Steve was on almost 2 hours and still could not get out all the info. he wanted to share . God Bless them both for wanting to expose the evil in this world !!!

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